2018 (11) – Reconciliation, Balance, Alliance, Conceiving of New Seed of Manifestations

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Waves of great purification and release came into us during the last half of 2017. Our states of being were shaken in order for us to release the old so that we could return to our centers – our divine space and balance.

Our perceptions, believes, desires, choices and habits are shifting. Anything that forms separations and holds us back from uniting with our highest state of being is being released from all levels; from mental, emotional to physical body.

Within waves and flux of energy that we are receiving and transmitting; from our DNA to our etheric bodies and all in cosmic realm, we find our sanctuary and peace in our state of I AM presence. Without a doubt, we are all being prepared for something new.

Here is a message that came forward from Seda, a being of the golden era, the consciousness of the All within every sun:

“We are here showing you the picture of energy grids of mother earth being shifted. Some grids which long hold old energies are being lifted, transcended while some have been grounded dowanward into her central sun for purification and renewal. 

See the light blue beams of light, her crystalline grid is being aligned with our consciousness. Along with rays of gold, anchoring new waves, new energy, new seeds of consciousnesses.

The “new” is not something that is unfamiliar. This NEW energy feels much like home coming. The beam of path of the return to one’s sacred tribe. So dear ones, enJOY and know that you are all doing so well. You are all on your divine paths.

Seeing now a door, a gate that welcomes you all into the new year. A year of alignment of all opposites, genders.

A year of ALLIANCE

a reflection of the golden era 

is now being anchoring and manifesting into your consciousness”

With love and gratitude; Seda, a being of the Golden Era

Seda, being of the Golden Era

The year 2018 comes in with the vibrations of 11, divine union, reconciliation and balance, companionship, and conceive of a new seed of manifestations.

 “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”–The Kybalion by Three Initiates.

“To know Atum you must share his identity…… Imagine yourself immeasurably expansive…….Make yourself higher then the highest, deeper than depths. Embrace within yourself all opposites” – Words of Hermes, The Hermetica.

Ascending into the union of our divine selves is never about destroying any part of ourselves which we had been taught to consider as “bad” or “dark”. Rather to overcome challenges and EMBRACE all within us as LOVE and COMPASSION heal and unite us all. This is truly the moment of time when we are stepping outside all our judgement and prejudices, in turn we are opening and expanding our perceptions. Once we learn to see two sides of in everything, recognise polarities and opposites; our PERCEPTIONS shift. We then see everything as a whole as the veil of separation is dissolved. We return to the state of totality. Truly embodying the consciousness of Atum. The Source, The All that is, Atum HOLDS ALL within itself. When we are simply BE with all that we are, we align with the consciousness of the creator.

“Hold your male side with your female side. Hold your bright side with your dull side.

Hold your high side with your low side. Then you will be able to hold the whole world.

When the opposing forces unite within,

there comes power abundant in its giving…”

– Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu (translated by Johnathan Star)

The year 2018 offers great portals and opportunities for us to reunite our opposites and to RECONCILE all opposition. This reconciliation is the RESTORING OF BALANCE with the Opposition. The opposite side that is a reflection of the other side, other half, other pole of the same nature that exists within situations, effects, causes, and all of us. It can be seen as our divine mirror that completes; just like light cannot exist without darkness.

They key is to recognise the opposition. With tolerance, self development and mastery we know not to fall under the opposition that does not serve. We rise above the chaos (consciousness of Horus – rise into the light, knowledge and wisdom) and reconcile all within and around.

Here, we return into the universal dance.

Our divine dance of two as ONE;

The Two Serpents of Caduceus,

the moon and the sun,

the yin and yang.

Maat, reflection of Cosmic Balance also reminds us of EQUILIBRIUM where the opposing force are in balance. Respecting all life forms and allow the two opposites to unite, working as co-creators. This rises the opportunity to conceive new ideas, imaginations, chapters, lives. It is never about doing the “right” and not the “wrong” deeds as that is just a part of illusion. But follow what the HEART resonates and feels as LIGHT as a feather. The feather of Maat is a reflection of our HEART. So, allow our heart to feel every words, sounds, ideas and thoughts. The heart guides us into the point of balance.

Great SHIFT in our PERCEPTIONS. The mind, our senses (Scarab – Representation of our brain and all its senses) , thoughts patterns, and attitude are changing. A alchemist would find a point of balance or stillness within the duality of their mind and rest there, or they would know when to shift his thought into a state which align with the heart and seek for solution from that state. Here, PEACE is offered. And then again, within the state of peace, there is a portal for the rebirth of light (Scarab – rebirth of the sun)

Every plane in the universe is a book of knowledge. Tehuti, Thoth or Hermes – consciousness of wisdom; continues to assist us in reminding us to CONTEMPLATE DEEPLY  (his Baboon representation) of all knowledge that we have learnt along the path. As well as to be PERSISTENT in SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH (Ibis). Moreover, as we anchoring and transmitting more light of wisdom and love, we write new records in the universe, paving ways, clearing Earth’s energy grid; much like preparing the soil for new seeds of light to be born.

The energy of 2018 and all the wave of activation will be grounded by the assistance EARTH DOG Chinese Zodiac. Dog holds the spirit of loyal companionship, respect within its people, and a friend who knows their way home. All these are clear signs for us to trust in our intuitions. The trust, including respect can also be extended to our partner(s) and all sentient being in the universe. Earth element is a powerful reflection of 3D manifestations, hence the power of 11. This gives us a chance to observe our relationship with the material world and our physical bodies, a great opportunity to ground new ideas, habits, perceptions, starting new projects, and planting new seeds.

Truly a beautiful energy of union between the spiritual and physical world.

The new phase of the sun ( – representation of wisdom, life and Atum) is upon us. And we are so blessed to be embarking on this journey together as one.

Thus, let us allow our eyes to be open wide. Seeing all sides of the truths and let our perceptions shift along the powerful waves of ascension.

Learn to see reflections of ourselves within our perceptions.

See our oppositions as a mirror

and welcome it, the opportunity to overcome chaos

to offer respect and peace

to unite

to anchor new ideas into the old

and unlock

the gate to higher views

the rise of wisdom within us

the return to wholesomeness

the rebirth of LIGHT.



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Twined Serpent – Divine Union of Genders

Maat, a reflection of Cosmic Balance