2019 – Divine 3 (part 1): January Lunar Eclipse & Rebirth within

The numbers of this year sum up to a total of three. Powerful number. A number of Evolution, Ascension, Mastery, Neutrality, Union, Rebirth, Eye of Light and the list goes on according to one’s resonance and interpretation for the frequencies of this number.

The processes of upgrades, downloads, and shifts this year take place in each three months period. There are four major ripples which manifest new layer, portal to next vibration of evolution of consciousness this year.

From January to March, the energy still ripple drastically. Still in the process of transition from the frequencies of the previous year; this applies to collectively and individually. This is why many are going through a very different releasing, and re-birthing process.

An eclipse in January – Blood Moon illuminates the energy of the heart of a lion. Courage, Strength and most of all Solar, Sol, Soul. One cannot doubt such powerful Illumination of the sun at night with this powerful alignment of the sun, earth, moon and Leo zodiac. Thus dear ones, take such opportunity to rise, heal, shine, grow, expand. Take leap!

According to Chinese lunar calendar, there will also be another energy anchoring into 2019 on 5th February- Pig Chinese Zodiac. This zodiac brings the joy, and ability of receptivity of divine feminine. Yet on the flip side – another pole, there is a beautiful healing wave of masculinity. The masculine, within and around. The masculinity becomes more aware of what is out of balance and is learning to heal, and trust in the flow of receptivity & expression. Also to know that it is perfectly alright to feel vulnerable, sensitive, soft, and weak; for these are also strength and beauty of existence. The femininity on the other hand is learning to embrace highest potential of creation and strength within sensitivity. Within the re-discovery of this two nature, rebirth the new alignment with the consciousness of divine child within. This divine child brings in energy of the Soul -Sol -Sun, Joy, Laughter, Curiosity, Energy, and Nature of a child. Here, we all can once again see all through the eyes of a new born. The eye of light that sees without separation.

BE InJoy! Imagine!! and Trust in one’s intuition and unique connection. Dance and feel the dance of co-creation within and around.

Bodhisatva, Light workers, Starseeds, Empaths which ever one chose to identify with; Be in each breath and practice compassion. Now and again the heaviness of the old world flows by. So take this opportunity to take action that shines forgiveness, compassion, and non-attachment. For this carries the ripples of shifts in consciousness with love and gentleness. And also, as this, create a template of ONE anchoring unified field of consciousness into the collective awareness.

Spiral!! Spiral movement of ALL, which we are.

Words inspired by Teyhuti/Thoth & Elohim, delivered by Nalinee – Light Language & Energy Services @ https://soulconnectionsnalinee.com/