A Message from Elohim and Seraphim

20 August, 2018 Elohim, Seraphim 0 Comments

As I am writing this, I can feel such wave of love flows through. I am sending the same wave to every reader with deep gratitude.


“Dear ones

Children of Creations

Close your eyes and come within

return into your infinite state

beings of vast knowledge

the grand library, books of wisdom;

This is you.


All the challenges and struggles that you are experiencing

the pain and pleasure of human conditions

are merely waves of flux of energy.

At times, remain as observes

Allow everything to pass, do not get attached to it.

For you are much more

much higher and deeper

than your mind can perceive.

The human mind;

be its master,

be loving yet firm,

show your mind the power of trust

of love within your heart and soul.


Know that the process of releasing,

does not only imply to releasing what no longer serves

but also releasing certain codes and memories from your DNA.


Transcending the lower nature

merging into your highest potentials.


We are the Elohim.

You who are reading this now;

DNA within you

there are codes that are keys to connect with us.

The Elohim are within you.


Seraphim and Cherubim

are always here with you

reminding you of spirit of love

the fire of love

that burns within oneself



Below are drawings of codes that relates to this energy

More Elohim Resonance which I feel that can assist many: