A reflection on “Time”

25 July, 2017 Hermes, Tay-Oh-ti, Thoth, Time 0 Comments

Few years ago, I was homesick. Missing “home” where I thought home was somewhere else. 

Every visions and messages I received, I would try to identify, making logic sense.
Then I realized that for me holding on to those, I missed out on BEing here ?

I missed out on loving myself and being here in this body and life time.
I missed out on focusing on what I love and can create.
I missed out on being aware of my breathe, steps, actions, emotions, and thoughts.
I missed out on JOY of life which now I realised is such a precious gift.

Then, I let go and BE. <3
I began to notice subtle flow and synchronicities.
I noticed that the universe is constantly speaking to me.
I notice that my “past life” is merely an idea of linear concept of time where time is spiral, a part of fractals.

I know that many lives of my soul exist simultaneously as dimensions of “time” also do.

At all time, I am here in my human vessel as well as a tree, an insect, a Whale, comet, planet, Star… everything which I am…I Am at all time.
Just like the creator, the All that is. Who is everywhere and in everything. <3

Let us move away from time into eternity.
By moving away our mind from linear thinking, away from three dimensional logic thinking….
just a little in each moment, be aware that everything coexist simultaneously <3
Then watch the universe opens up to us like a sacred book. ? <3 ?