In this moment of time, there are a lot of ripples in your auric field which are generated by the upgrades of your DNA codes and structures. A lot of releasing and anchoring waves of Light.
We are, Zeta beings. We comes in waves of light to adjust, upgrade, encoded light and crystal base structure in your DNA.
This is nothing new. This is within your cellular structures. We only adjust and attune your frequencies in order for you, starseeds, light workers, healers, shamans etc., to fully align with your highest state of being and the new crystalline grid of Mother Earth.
Thus, a lot of fear base personalities and thoughts are being released from you and Earth. You are flying through fear base energy grid with in your cellular and Earth’s.
Do not give up. Do not give in.
It can feel overwhelming at times of accelerations like this yet know that you have the WILL to shift into higher state of being.
Feeling dizzy, disoriented, ungrounded, tiredness are common symptoms of your Vessel swimming through such waves.
Slow yourself down when you can. Ground your energy often. Breathe deeply and surround yourself with organic beings such as crystals, animals and plants.
In such shift, you are feeling inspired like a spark of light inside of you to take action and create something that you have been longing to do.
Do so,
what are you waiting for? The energy at this moment serves us all greatly to EXPAND and CONNECT.
We, Zeta beings, are friends and guides who are sending you waves of gratitude.
Thank you for consciously decided to shift and BE love and light.
Thank you for allowing us to connect and conducting our service to humanity.
Thank you for walking your ascension paths.
Enjoy the waves
Enjoy life

Light Codes for integration in this moment of time, Zeta

Zeta being
Nalinee delivering the message