Balance and Healing of Yin and Yang in Lion’s Gate August 2019

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Wonderful moment of time where we clearly are being shown that we are never alone. Powerful celestial alignments that bring more energy of healing and transforming for us in this expansive Lion’s Gate.

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1) Qixi Festival – Chinese Valentine’s day fall on 7th August 2019 ( 7th day of 7th month of lunar calendar) anchors the summer triangle energy which comprises of three constellations: Lyra, Aguila, and Cygnus.

According to Chinese story of Qixi festival, two lovers of heaven and earth unite on this day. The Weaver girl who embodies Vega of Lyra and her cow herder husband of Altair of Aguila constellation come together with the assistance of Cygnus constellation or swan totem. The Swan symbolises grace, creative flow, purity and surrender.

This triad energy brings balance and union of yin and yang or feminine and masculine principles: August – Leo being such a powerful fiery force – masculine – expansion and creative force. The Swan which connects to age of Aquarius, “In esoteric astrology – Cygnus is connect to Aquarius (Age of Aquarius),” mentioned by Peng CP Loke. Aquarius is an opposite sign of Leo. Moreover, we recently had new moon in Leo and now flowing into full moon in Aquarius. What a wonderful synchronicity of balancing of opposite forces.

In this moment, there are opportunities of healing masculine and feminine wounds – transforming layers of fears: fears of failure and abandonment.

2) Perseid Meteor shower brings energy of Pegasus and Andromeda connecting us deeper with the unification of Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy.

The message here, I feel, is that we are never alone and no one is never abandoned.

Thus, take time to detach from the mind and return into the heart. Rebuild healthy sense of self love and worth. Let go of guilt and sense of separation. Get into creative flows. Balance the PH level within the body – perhaps more fruits and alkaline food plus slow down when we can.

Continue to observe the old that rises from within and make conscious choice to shift into heart felt vibrations and new chapters.

We are pillars and gate ways of compassion consciousness. 

We are flowing in the union of polarities where paradox is becoming clearer and clearer.

Heart felt love to us all.

Nalinee –

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