Bio - Nalinee

"My main objective is to guide others into state of self-empowerment, love and oneness within their heart," Nalinee

Nalinee is an intuitive, a wayshower, medium, artist and scribe of light language. Her awakening moments began after her difficult journey through a decade of deep depression. She recovered by following her passion of painting, acceptance and self-love. It was only few years ago when she started to recall her soul connections with the universe and rediscover her soul mission as a scribe and medium of sacred energy of the source.

Her objective is to assist others on their spiritual journey through; inspiring creative and artistic expressions, offering activations of soul frequencies, as well as cultivating love, unity and self-empowerment.

Nalinee is excited to offer wisdom and insights from her higher self, guides and galactic families. This includes transmissions and messages from Lyran - ambassadors of light, Tehuti and many more. Her services include energy work and Light Language of; activations, transcending and releasing densities, balancing and anchoring higher frequencies into etheric and physical bodies. Plus, bridging the connections of the soul remembrance, records and star families.

Her light language art has been anchoring high frequencies into many homes around the world.

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Nalinee is currently working on a book and an Oracle card deck of Light Language art.