Current DNA shifts & Activation – from Elohim

25 April, 2019 DNA, Elohim 0 Comments

“The resonance of your soul presence – the Creator or Source vibrations that you are all realigning yourselves into create ripples in your DNA codes, which are shifting in their frequencies rapidly.

You are experiencing more of powerful presence of now and multi-dimensions through fluid waking hours (or what many call ‘collapse of time’) and vivid dreams states. You are becoming more and more aware of all dimensions and facets of your soul and soul connections with others. Manifestation becomes more powerful. And when you are all anchoring intentions and choices towards love, mercy and compassion; you are grounding the template of One paradigm into your realities.

Etheric DNA codes are being amplified dancing and merging with the physical codes – the similar process of connections that your physical and etheric bodies have towards one another. This amplification is transmitting out different layers of galactic connections and records within your soul. Allowing you to clear and transform any connections from fear or separation into oneness. Shining out ‘tools’ and heart resonance as navigators of how you can go about and create in full alignment with the heart and soul.

The universe is in you is never just a saying. There are countless codes within you that connect to one another and sing different tunes which bring forth memories, abilities, and levels of heart resonance that you are experiencing. And what does not harmonise with your tunes, moves away from your paths.

As you are shifting more into your unique ways and authentic tunes and expression, you are activating and putting more of your soul persence into realities.

We congratulate you and express our gratitude to you.

Layers of resistance and fears which are effects of the old structures within your believe systems and perceptions are falling apart. And as you surrender and flow through these fears and being persist on moving forward, you are assisting in deeper release of old energy within your DNA, soul codes, and collective consciousness.

Again, look at layers of fears and resistance within you as you are looking at yourself. Read MESSAGE FROM ANDROMEDEANS: FEARS AND OUR DNA

A clearing of your earth experience and multi-dimensions which are happening NOW in each breaths.

DNA shifts are much like transcending along musical octaves. Moving up and forward with new attitude and perceptions that serves your heart will help you in finding new ways of reacting and experiencing to the old situations.

The new perceptions that are assisting you the most in this moment of time is the perception of Unity and Innocence. The state of fully engaged and healthy inner you – inner child which combining with the wisdom and experiences that your soul have cultivated can really pave ways and scribe new realities on earth and beyond.

We stress that you do not need to become anything different than who you already are. Your soul, which is beyond the push and pull of duality and illusion of separation, is already a divine instrument. Re- attune that back to your authenticity, back to the All/ Source.

Remember that this is a process which you can find courage within to trust that you are shifting and changing without resistance and flowing more at ease.

On the psychical level, the body may have different reactions during this process. Slow down and listen to your body. Your body will shift according to its authentic frequencies which this may require you to also shift your routines and choices.

Know that all is flowing in divine modes J

Remember you are each codes of universal DNA. Support one another, reflect oneness for one another, forgive and love one another. This unites us all to vibrate deeper as One. “

From the Elohim codes within you

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