Current Energy – Next Level of Empowerment and Integration

Without a doubt we are moving into the next level of anchoring new frequencies. These frequencies are nothing foreign to us but it is deep embedded within, our authentic vibrations, which have to be unlocked and embraced by going through more layers of old programming within.

The energy of May full-moon 2019 assisted us in aligning deeper with our Soul/ Source template. Illumination of hope and oneness. Moreover, this energy of light triggers a lot of what is needed to be transformed within our DNA and perceptions to arise into our awareness. What our soul signed up to resolve and shift, what offers keys of our soul alignment; come up full front which leave no room for us to ignore.

This call forth next level of courage, devotion and mindfulness in order to shift and allow our true self to shine.

The old programing within that comes strongly at the moment offers keys for us for deeper understanding of the cause of sufferings that we still cling on to. A humbling experience for those who embrace this. A more painful experience and struggle for those who continue to resist.

Anger, frustrations, jealousy, insecurities, doubts, victimhood, lack of self-worth, sadness, grieves, and old perceptions are all being triggered. We have come so far to know that projecting and playing into dramas are no longer serve but to stop reacting and go within and examine in order to discover the cause. When the cause is understood, one will find a way to transform and integrate the wisdom base on self-empowerment, love, peace and respect.

Resistance and fears may rise, but know that that is a door for us to cross over. This offers true experience and practice of self-empowerment.

2019 holds the frequencies of 3. Three marks the connection with our mental body. This is relevant as we are becoming more mindful of what our perceptions, belief systems, what we are manifesting and channeling our focus into. Mental transmutation! the All is Mind! Shift our focus into what serves the heart and anchor the eye that sees all as one.

Plus, three offers the energy of the inner child. The child within that holds the key of harmony and balance of femininity and masculinity within.

Three that holds the frequencies of point of neutralization and balance. The neutral point which holds the space of middle path.

Thus, allow these frequencies of three and current energy to be tools and opportunities for you to navigate and cultivate healthier sense of self: to empower your inner child and be the authority for your authenticity.

To give permission to yourself to BE.

To go beyond the limitations and old programming.

To hold space of joy.

To shift and rewrite your story and perceptions with excitement and innocence.

To integrate ideas of inspiration and wisdom into words and actions.

Love to all and All

Nalinee –