Current Energy – Opening of Back of the Neck Energy Centers and Balance

9 December, 2017 current energy 0 Comments
Strong waves of energy at this moment of time, be gentle to yourself and others.
Forgive for what is done and BE in this moment <3
A lot of waves of shifts in cellulars and energy centers. Some may feel a lot under our feet, roots, in the mid body section, on the crown, ears, third eye, neck – both in front and back. Activation and opening of flow on our spine causing aches and tingling along our back area. This can also causes us to feel all kind of sensations all over our energy centers as well.
I have notice the centers on the back of my neck have been opening up. To me, there has been clearing of connection with the old matrix there. Plus, flux of information and flow of light from the heart, higher energy centers downwards and upwards within the body. A lot of realigning the mind, two brain hemisphere, and the heart.
So far the information I found is in this link:
In intense moment like this, I notice everyone is releasing on their levels. Thus, ground, return to your center, slowly and gently remove yourself from other’s energy and tides with gratitude and respect.
Reclaim and return to your divine space <3
Deep breathing, stretching, consuming light meals and drink plenty of water. Meditate and spend quiet time with your creative activities will assist in soothing the mind, emotions and body.
Give yourself lots of love <3 <3 <3
All the chaos and struggles we are feeling is for us to learn to return into the state of BALANCE.
Balance between the body, emotions and mind.
In this energy of December, a lot of celebrations with flows of giving and receiving. Observe how you can reclaim and maintain the balance between 3D realm and your etheric realms.
Whether there is any area in your life that needs more balance between work and home life, and a peace offering between parties and within yourself.
Welcome all of you into your heart
all of your highs and lows
all of your dark and light
for this is the key for us to embrace the entire universe
by embracing all opposites within.
Moreover, take the opportunity of JOY in this closing of the year.
JOY in being with your love ones
JOY in counting your blessings
JOY in simply be in existence
JOY in creating
JOY in breathing
JOY in BEing
Many blessings to all and thank you so much for all your love and support <3