Indigenous tribes & Cacao

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Ashaninka tribe of Peruvian region is where my current ceremonial cacao comes from. The tribe went through long period of struggle finding their rights of the land. This struggle is common for many indigenous groups around the world.
Cacao farming brings income and job opportunities for the Ashaninka people and allow them to continue living their traditional lifestyle as well as provide for their families. In the beginning of providing cacao to the rest of the world, there was not a fair trade for them. Earning few material goods exchange for their hard work, from planting, harvesting, fermenting to distributing.

Ashaninkans and their cacao gratitude to the owner of this photo

Nowadays, there are few channels such as and few more that later mentioned in this post that are available for us to give back to many tribes, continuing to provide them support and income.
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It is crucial for us as mindful consumers to know that our cacao or chocolate truly support the people, as we are all indigenous to earth and have tasks along our paths to co-create in harmony.

Few may say that the traditions of working with cacao has disappeared. But there are still Mayan descendant tribes such as Maya T’zutujil tribe in Guatemala who are still working with cacao in both ritual and household settings.
From asking hand in marriage to midwives offering cacao for pregnant women to build their strength before giving birth.
T’zutujil people have their way of roasting their cacao with open fire and flat pan sitting on three rocks – symbolises union of three energies in triangle form: union of sun, moon and earth. They hold their cacao ceremony in presence of fire to connect with ancestors and Great Spirit.
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Grinding Cacao T’zutujil Tribe. gratitude to the owner of this photo

Many tribes and communities have their own stories, perspectives and ways of working with cacao.

The core and heart of this medicine is Gratitude and Harmony. Whether through meditation, dance or any kind of gathering, the core essence of cacao is the alignment of gratitude and love.

This is one of the reason that inspired me to offer cacao in Bangkok. To be an advocate of plant medicines with respect to our ancestors and their shamanic cultures. To offer cacao as teacher and tool of journeying inwards, getting to know ourselves and the world through the heart of gratitude.

Cacao also aid in physical and emotional purging. She can also act as a blank canvas where other things such as chili, dried fruits and other plants can be added into the mixture for different purposes.
If one wishes to get to know the spirit of cacao, I recommend to try her pure with water first.

In the ceremony I hold, I offer pure cacao with water and blessed the medicine with Amazonian tobacco. Together a mother and father spirit guide us into deep journey to release, anchor new inspirations with love.

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Cacao and my other spiritual & shamanic tools 🙂