As I closed my eyes and allowed my body to sink into earth, Grand Mama lead me into a realm on earth that I once lived.

I see giant trees with branches which are like large bridges. The air is fresh and moist with glimpse of sparks of sun light. On four paws, I walk. My coat is dark as night with a hint of indigo glow. My heart beat in excitement. The rhythm of love and oneness I feel with the surroundings. As my paws touch the soil, codes of unspoken language lit up communicating with my DNA and exchanging deep senses of understanding without any logic story to the mind. The trees are also communicating, speaking in their own codes, through their roots and air that are blowing pass their leaves. Air too is communicating with me as it brushes against my black fur.

“Keepers and guardians of codes and knowledge we are,” the grand spirit speaks.

She continues:

As we step into the new paradigm, separations within the perceptions beginning to dissolve. Once our choices align with the uniconciousness of the universe, we begin to re-communicate with subtle codes and records.

The trees are grand examples, dear panthers. Above the soil they are standing individually, producing their own flowers and fruits. Underneath, there is another realm of unified consciousness. Communication and exchanging of information occurs through their roots like our nervous systems. Passive and Active; all on going forever with flow of consciousness without resistance.

We are too communicating to one another at all time as well as to the elements, minerals, earth, stars and universes.

Re-uniting into Oneness through the state of uniconcoiousness. Tapping into Akashic realms of many planes.

Tune into the subtle realms. Just like the universe, your vessel is a book – a library of records. Just like the net work of the tree/plant kingdom, you can project your consciousness to connect with any information that is relevant for your soul journey.

The vessel that you are embodying now holds so many memories. Its organs and DNA not only of the current timeline but also links to the ancestors and energy of your soul from many eons not only on earth but also of other planes.

Do not be-little anything dear ones. Every resource has their values; from microcosm to macrocosm. From every drop of dew to every waves in the oceans.

Surrender just for one moment to the Source and trust in your connection.

The realities which ring truths to you will speak to you.

RELEASE yourself from what does not.


And within the uniconciousness, LOVE can be transmitted to all.

Through this network, soul family is gathered.

Tribe reunites regardless of distance.

Within this unified space, hearts are connected.

Grand mind

Grand heart

The return of wisdom of the new paradigm.


Grand Mama – Leopard print Ruby in Zoisite

Three cards which guided me in this anchoring this message. Card deck: