Into Lion’s Gate part 1 – Beings of Actions

Looking back in the beginning of 2018. Powerful number 11 that we stepped into. Number 11 speaks – Balance, Mirror, Equilibrium, Harmony, Union, and Manifestation.

Moving along this year, many of us have been experiencing intense process of transformation where we feel as if we were or are being ripped apart. One has a CHOICE to see this as a curse or as a blessing which filled with opportunity to CHANGE. This starts from our perceptions. Allow the perceptions to constantly flow without clinging on to any ideas or definitions and SEEING ourselves and the world through eyes of COMPASSION assist us to surf the waves with JOY and GRATITUDE.

Yet compassionate perception at times is not enough to really ANCHOR the love and light into our 3D reality and to truly align with our integrity.

As we move into June Solstice. New paths are becoming clearer to many of us. This comes with bliss and pleasure of being alive and reuniting with soul families yet it also comes  with the feeling and witnessing of pain and suffering within ourselves and the world.

The divine energy of two genders within our are beaming out for NURTURING and TAKING ACTION into bringing more BALANCE and HARMONY into the world.

True FREEDOM does not exist only in the heart and mind, but within our hands and our CHOICES.

Let us observe the choice that we make from microcosm to macrocosm as everything is inter-connected.

Let us be fully aware and even more awaken to the CAUSES & EFFECTS.

What kind of imprint are we making here on earth and in this universe?

Let us take a look deeply into our actions.

If we still taking old actions,

can we then still expect a new outcome?

If our choices and actions do not give freedom to all sentient beings,

can we still speak of freedom, love and compassion then?

If we still see the world through the hierarchical mindset,

how can we all live in balance and harmony?

If we only talk but do not walk the talk,

how can we truly align ourselves with our integrity?

If we are still making choices base on fearful thoughts,

how can the mighty lion heart shines and roars from within us?

These questions are here not to judge but to trigger us all to really see where we are at.

Dare to make and be the change

Dare to speak up

Dare to walk the path that aligns with our heart.

Dare to act for love and liberation,

for those who cannot help themselves.

Do not let the volcano that is erupting within us to be merely an event.

Take charge of the situation

Be the master of the mind

Be the divine parents and care taker of our hearts.


any new actions that allow us to SHIFT our reality in heart resonance.


The cause & effects of our choices will become even more clear to us as we are moving into the end of July blood moon.

We have a choice to choose to dwell into fear

or rise with love and faith.

And step into full empowered and sovereign being.


Sirian Energy is coming to us all in many forms. From the whales, oceans, water to ancient wisdom that our Sirian friends have long been communicating with us for many eons of time.

This energy brings back memories and deep connection with our MOTHER.

Mother Earth and her beings are waiting for us to stand up.

Growing new seeds is no longer just a phase.

To allow the energy of lion’s Gate to assist us fully,

let us unite with our tribes.

Shift our choices and actions to:

take Care of our hearts and health.

Take Care of the plants, animals, and elements as well as the environment.

Our soul family are already with us.

Assisting one another.

Helping each other grow.


The Lion’s Gate of 8/8 is really going to shine into our heart.

And when our actions align with our heart space

what  amazing magi we can manifest here on earth?

Heart of sphinx

Golden era


Light of heaven

Infinite love

will no longer be simply vibrations of words.

They will be rediscovered and anchored into mother earth soils.

Trees of life and wisdom will grow.

Go now, dear soul family

manifest with your heart, head and hands.

Beings of Actions.


Care Taker of Earth – Blue Feline