Soul Family

Here I have added links of beautiful, artistic, spiritual, and loving websites. Please take your time to visit.

Alessandra Gilioli is my soul sister who I connect with deeply. I have received a Soul DNA Reading from her and it was simply magical. She also creates beautiful art work and oracle cards. So if you are drawn to what I offer, you will find strong resonance in what she does as well. Galactic Crystal Healing

Jamye Price who is a true inspirations for channeling light langauge

Vanessa Lamorte, a beautiful soul sister who is another inspiration to open to channeling

Jacklyn Johnston hosts and offers Telecasts/ Talks on inspiring spiritual and ascension topics. It is FREE to sign up 🙂 check out her amazing platform at You

Michelle and her husband Rishi are an extremely awesome and filled with positive energy couple. They make absolutely beautiful Orgonites which you can order from them. Please take a look at Michelle's Page

Liana Doula An example of Empowered woman who's objective is to guide and support women in connecting with inner strength and intuition during childbearing years.

Sayana Roman who published many books such as Spiritual Growth and Opening to Channel, put up a website using her wonderful and loving guide names. Please check it out. I also strongly recommend her books. Orion & Daben

Sherry Andrea who offers variety of attunement for free on youtube and on a affordable price. Bless her for doing this Sherry Speaks