Love Transcends All – A message from a Reptilian Guide, Spiral Flow, Alliance


My reptilian guide came back to me. His childlike and innocent nature has shifted into mature, strong and wiser vibe. Wakaree is no longer a little reptilian I know, but a powerful guide who bring forth a powerful message to us all.

In my meditation, Wakaree took me to a space where reptilians live. I walked pass scenes and scenes of how they live their lives. I remember seeing male and female making love to each other passionately. Exchanging love and creating family.

Then I was shown the reptilian families walked to work; wearing their suits and carrying their suit cases to big dark corporate companies.

“You see, brother. The reptilian have lived through eons and eons of time in many realms including earth. Even though many of them have been living their lives under the influence of the shadows. There is love among them. Love within their families and partners.

Us, the reptilian used to live on earth without systems of control; simply followed their intuitions. Just like your ancestors who studied the stars and were aware of their divine connections.

You see, brothers and sisters;

There are many layers in this multi-dimensional realms.

There is love and light in the higher realms and

when humans love each other more and more

without any conditions.

The veils between realms are lifted.

You transcend yourself and one another.


You see brothers and sisters;

the more you love one another

no matter what

no matter of one’s light and shadow

You unite and bridge the realms

with LOVE.

You transcend the paradigm with LOVE.

You shift your reality with LOVE.


Thus, allow yourself to see and feel one another

with compassion

heart communication

through your perceptions.”

Wakaree – a reptilian from Draco



Detaching and centering myself as I began to meditate. Thoughts after thoughts came into mind.

I slowly remove all attachment that I have built with the outer world.

Just for one moment so that I can return into my divine space.


Hands moved as I breathed deeper.

Old wounds that my soul carried from eons and eons

release of suffering and cling to the old paradigm.


I choose not to discriminate.

I learn not to sympathise

but love

and allow everything to flow.


I placed my hands upon my solar plexus.

Tremendous amount of sun light was channeled into my vessel from that center.

I feel the warmth

I transcend residues that I carried upon my journey on earth.


A white dragon rose from the land

flowing in spiral

inviting me to join him.

I flew

I shifted into him

with a lion head but a dragon body

I flow up as I took all what no longer serves in the land upwards

lost souls



are being transcended through the spiral flow of energy.


Fear is there but it is not needed.

Suffering is there but is no longer serves.

as we choose love

as we choose compassion

WE transcend all with our hearts

into the great spiral flux of light.

Earth Dog:
Energy of companionship and alliance is beaming.
Assisting us in connecting
One another
No one is waking this journey alone.
Alliance of love and unity
is here on earth 🌎 💕