Maat, Reflection of Cosmic Balance

22 December, 2017 Uncategorized 0 Comments
A new Light Language painting is completed 😀
” Maat, Reflection of Cosmic Balance “
Without a doubt, we are all stepping into moment of returning to balance as we are uniting or reuniting all opposites and genders within.
Here Maat is depicted with Blue Lotus and Papyrus; symbolising Female and Male respectively, intertwine together in their organic beauties, respect and balance. In between them, birth a new seed of life.
She spread her wings aligning with the arms of the symbol of creation, Ankh. This is because I strongly resonate that Balance is a key to creation. (Her wings are very similar to Isis’s. The difference is Maat’s feather on her head while Isis often depicted with a seat on top of her head, symbolising the seat of the house.)
Another ankh is placed upon her heart center, another key of divine balance and creation. This also reflects Love and our true essence resides in our hearts.
The Source, Atum or is places above her crown. shining and beaming its light all around. The golden rays connects Atum with her inner suns. The inner sun depicted in her stomach area. Divine Male power which align with the divine female energy around her womb, represented in red codes around her stomach.
Her hands open and show wisdom of the creator within her palms. This reflects that WE have the power of the creator within our hands.
The magical side of painting this image is that the visit of Maat, side by side with Tehuti assuring me that I have the power to step over my doubts and pick up the brush to depict this version of her. <3
I feel that there is more to come through from this image. For now, I wish upon this beautiful moment of the end of 2017 be serves all and assist us all gently yet powerfully into our divine balance as creators of our realities <3 <3.
Oh yes, I do sign my work. I just like to mix my signature, having it dance with the elements in my painting. Here my signature is placed above a stem of a blue lotus. The year in on the other side.
Much love to all and THANK YOU for your support <3 <3 <3