Message from Andromedeans: Fears and our DNA


World DNA Ascension

“As you are all shifting every second and moment of time, Andromeda Galaxy is moving closer and closer to its twin sister, Milky way.

As you progress on your soul journey, layers of fear constructs are being lifted.

Frightening visions and worries come into your awareness.

We the Andromedeans, your brothers and sisters, are cheering for you.

Fears are like mirrors, different aspects of reflections of your totality.

We urge you to look into fears and sufferings as if you are looking at yourself.

In your meditation and deep breathing, go into your fears and sufferings

you will find the roots

the causes.

They are much like your inner children that need love and compassion

from you.


Moreover, as you are aware that your DNA is undergoing a major waking up


and shifts in its frequencies, codes and strands.

Here we would like to remind you to connect with your body and DNA.

The collections of information of your ancestors,

your soul, the lands and stars you have walked upon.

Any fears and sufferings that you experience

connects and links back to you ancestors as well as the collective consciousness on earth.

We send our gratitude to you in this moment of time

for walking your path

and going through all kinds of triggers, struggles and experiences.

All the clearing work which are based on compassion and forgiveness that you have done

beam out frequencies of freedom

and transcending

for you soul and ancestors.


WE would like to also remind you

that in this moment of time, water molecule on earth is shifting as well.

A match of soothing and grounding frequencies

that your body and DNA need in order for them to catch up with waves of shifts and flux of cosmic energy.

Continue to send gratitude to water, so that others in your community can receive that energy from the same stream of water.

Continue to set intention of healing and love into water and your body.

For the ability to heal is within you.

Thank you! ”



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