New Frequencies & Beyond Conditions

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Creating New

As we process higher in frequencies, polarities are merging closer and nature of paradox is becoming clearer. Anything is possible as we step into frequencies of multi and parallel realities that hold all kind of possibilities.

Here we can welcome, experience and create anything New.

The saying each second is a new moment is not just a saying. Who we were yesterday is a parallel version of us in the now, that exists in multi realities.

The linear mind would see one in the now as a product of the past. But remember as we are creating everything New in Each New moment; New actions, perceptions and belief systems create the new version of us in the now as well as in other space and time.

The Spirals, fractals movements.

With this knowledge, we have the ability to transform from this point of now to create ripple of change in all multi time and space.

Reflections and memories of multi realities as parallel selves offer visions of vastness and wholeness of the soul. Here we can welcome in any insights from the parallel self or fractal of the soul/ Source that aligns with the heart and current lessons for spiritual growth.

The more we allow ourselves to become New in each moment; the universe reflects new frequencies upon our experiences.

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Beyond Conditions.

In the process of transformation, attachments to conditioning also become clear to our awareness.

For example the idea of:

“I will be more happy if that did not happen in my life,”

“ I will feel more loved if I have this or that,”  

“I will feel at peace when everyone sees the world like I do.” etc

Attachment to conditioning keeps one trap in a cycle of dissatisfaction and dis-empowerment.

Separate from the Source within.

Conditioning itself is changeable, just like everything which is impermanence.

Upon the journey of deeper self-acceptance and love, allow yourself to step outside old conditions.

Within each moment of Now, accept you as who you are now.

Love you as who you are now.

This then gears you into flow of compassion which then is simultaneously and naturally transmitted into your experience and connections with the outer world.

Enjoy being, feeling and creating in the Now beyond all conditions.

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