New Moon Leo & Lion’s Gate Way

Energy continue to flow inwards into earth. Inwards journey into inner wisdom as many already begin to take this path more and more since June solstice gate way.

Emptying one’s cup:

As one continues to empty oneself from perceptions, beliefs and emotions that are no longer relevant; more room for new energy to take pace in etheric bodies then physical body as action, words and choices are aligned.

Emptying one’s cup also has to do with sharing information that one receives through downloads to those who resonates. This gearing many into communication, expressing and building soul communities and assisting one another.

Zero point is amplified during this new moon.

If one still clings on the conditions or thoughts of duality, one will continue to swing within such cycles of distortions and illusions.

The practice of detachment and being in each moment assists in one shifting into zero point of resetting, shifting and creating new identity, belief perceptions and actions.

Creating, giving and taking actions with no expectation of the outcome or conditions. – zero point.

Inwards pull.

The inwards pull is inviting us not only to go inwards but also to ground into Gaia’s energy and her crystalline grid. With knowing of Zero point, one experiences New breaths, New moments, New self and New Earth.

Here memory of Mu and Lemuria or even Atlantis continue to surfaces.

The connections of earth vortexes and multi dimensions, as Gaia herself is a grand portal, are opened. Tree and plant, as well as mineral kingdoms assist us. Sitting under a tree near stream of living water and allowing the sounds of one’s breathe, heart, air and water to merge.

Many are rebuilding new relationship with spiritual tools beyond the desire to over possess and the fear of lack. Many are discovering ways of connecting to minerals and other spiritual tools through heart and telepathic connections.

Lion’s Heart

As one continues to empowering oneself through making conscious choices of shifting into the state of being that serve the compassion consciousness, the lion’s heart within amplifies.

Light or love workers are walking the walk and leading by focusing deeper on one’s path.

Not so much focusing on creating followers or seeking approval from external worlds, but be in joy and gratitude of being at one’s service and walking the walk. Self – Reliant and flowing along with Tao.

More heart-centered businesses and projects are coming into forms. The integrations of higher perceptions into old structures which birth new wave of creations on earth.

Within Oneness, many are embracing diversities and seeing more similarities than differences.

Heart connection, compassion consciousness brings reconciliation and unity.

Lion’s Gate way is assisting in amplifying and opening of Zero point awareness.

Listen to the transmission of this message:

Love & Gratitude to all and All


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