Reconciliation of Oppositions

Things that are in plural

are in fact one.

We are merely playing parts in this great hall of mirrors.

Everything has its reflections.

With intense flux of energy that coming in this moment of time,

synchronisations come into form in great light.

Things manifest within a second.

As well as our nature of dark and light.

Ahh sweet rhythmic dance we are in.

Know dear one

that the oppositions

the ones that contradict

are there as part of nature, all is One

“I am the Eye of Horus… I ascend to the sky upon the ladder of the god [Seth].
I appear as the uraeus which is on the vertex of Seth.” (From _The Midnight Sun_, by Alan F. Alford, page 266)

Once you are aware of the oppositions within and around

both of dark and light

both of nut and geb.

You will find the way to rise above the nature of oppositions

through your higher eye and

higher mind.

Not in separations

but in a dance that unites all in harmony and balance.

Dissolution of Duality



Reconciliation of Horus and Set