States of Being as I Paint – Realisation in Creative Process

9 December, 2017 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Before, I used to paint portraits. I was, for some reason obsessed with human features, especially the face. Then it got to the point where I lost interests in the discipline sides of portrait drawing and painting.

I started to meditate. This opens doors for me to many unexpected journey.

I became a scribe for my higher self, guides, beings and energetic codes which we call light language. But most of all, I became the scribe of my heart. I found my service within my passion.

As I draw and paint, I go through stages of birth, much like a child walking and speaking again for the first time. My logic mind is telling me that I don’t know what I am doing yet my excitement guides my hands and my inspiration and thrill sparks through me feeling like a child play with pencil lines and colours.

I go through doubts, fears, many “oh no”, “what am I doing?” and “I really don’t know what I am doing”

Then, I grow. The discipline side of drawing and painting return through the process of creating. It feels like an injection of rush of fuel. Like air and sparks that create fire.
I then progress into the state of BEing.

I AM with my creation. My hands flows, my thoughts fly away and back into my paper.

As my hands move in their process of creating, I discover that my mind can always return into my heart space. The joy of painting always opens my heart. It welcomes everything and gives out everything.

I am with my breathing.

Here I feel mature and child like at the same time.

A dance of joy and a cry of doubts. Bouncing and drumming forever together.

I then go through process of journeying with my guides and energy that the work transmitting.

On top of this, the joy overflow with the ability to share with many around the world. And know that the creations I put out colour their moments.

I feel drawn to write this post. To share and express to Everyone who chooses to call themselves Artist or not.

We all are here to create. And within the process of creating, it is so natural to have doubts, fears and judgments. Yet there is joy and excitement within this process that anchor and ground us.

Know that when we create, the two opposites nature within us unite and dance hand in hand.

This is crucial. Such awareness is a gift in itself, not so much within the skills or discipline of crafts, but the awareness of the process that unites All within us.

We are the universe.

Thus, pick up your instrument and create.
No matter what forms.
Singing, dance, write, chant, laugh, cry, communicate, draw, paint, sculpt, cook, make, Create!

And Share!!

Thank you for all your love and support

Maat, reflection of Balance in progress..