Transforming with 3

Let us explore what frequencies of 3 can offer us in self healing, development and expansion.



The mental realm in our etheric bodies holds connections of your thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, believes, imagination and a gate to abstract thoughts. By understanding and exploring this realm, one gains more clarity about one’s connection with the universe. As we are shifting along the cosmic flow of change, into state of Oneness, we become more and more aware of what no longer severs within the reality of the mind.

“Everything is mental, all is mind” – Kybalion.

Mental transmutation is a powerful key for us to align with the state of the creator that we are. In the process of letting go and transforming our state of mind, we transmute our connection of our inner-world and the outer -world. For example, if we which to experience more love, support, abundance; we first need to acknowledge layers of fears within the mental body, heal and transform those layers, one by one, into new born of love and trust. This is also why the process of heart and mind alignment is important.

The relationship around metal, emotional and physical realms is now being experienced clearly so that we can heal and become fully aware of what we are creating.


Many have experience strange sensation when waking up from their dream state. A reason for this is that our physical reality and awareness are experiencing the frequencies of the astral or soul body deeper and deeper. The flying/floating sensations is more felt during this moment of time as one becomes more and more receptive.

A door of connection with the Astral realm is within our mental body. The ability to imagine, day dream, think beyond the norms, create NEW within the mind opens door for flux of energy from the astral, anchoring into the physical realm. In order to fully ground and manifest this, one must take action, shifting their choices, make changes to fit into what is inspired within the astral and mental bodies.

Self reflecting, and healing through dream state becomes more powerful as what one experiences is a reflection of layers within one mental and astral bodies. Thus, dreams offer clear mirrors of the connection between our inner world and outer world. In waking times, when one takes action to heal what is shown or take action according to what is inspired in their dreams, this amplify the connection between the astral and physical bodies.

Deep healing and empowerment of Soul occurs in such process as well.


Within the human experience, we often swing from side to side; highs to lows, pain to pleasure. One who master one’s self has the ability to reconciles all polarity and find a point of neutrality to rise above waves of cause and effect. Seeing and Observing all and All with the higher eye.


Frequencies of Oneness sing out songs of joy and celebration through nature of an innocent child. In order for one to experience the world through the heart and eye of a child – state of innocence, at times, we need to unlearn things that we know and believe. This includes letting go of what one perceive as “right” and “wrong, even “good” and “bad”. A complete release from all structures. (Wooo!) So that one can see everything beyond judgments, fears, and wounds. As well as experiencing the world through full openness. Within this process, many layers of constructs will be seen and challenged. What we let go are the lessons that we learn. What we learn to nurture are things that serves us in moving forward.

There are two forces within us all that comes together to produce and manifest: femininity & masculinity. Feminine Principles/ Divine mother within – passive, receptivity, negative pole, gentleness, spontaneous nature, playful, soft, lucid, fluidity. Masculine Principles / Divine father within – active, actions, will, positive pole, rules, logic, solid, control. Union of these two offers deep healing for many wounds. Believe and Embrace the power of imagination, gentleness and receptivity. Allowing the Will and Action to serve the heart of love, mercy and compassion. Knowing that strength at time is embracing one’s weakness. Dance in rhythm of joy, love, forgiveness, compassion. Allowing our divine female and male natures to unite offers opportunities for new seeds of love and ONEness to be produced.

There are so much more layers within the healing frequencies of 3. Please allow this blog to inspire you to Explore in your own ways and imaginations.

Thank you

Winged Scarab – Perseverance & Rebirth by Nalinee

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