Use the Mind – Teyhuti/ Thoth

14 February, 2019 Hermes, Thoth 0 Comments

“Use the mind

to contemplate on the All,

the grandest which exists in all.

Imagine with the mind and its focus

of one merging with the great mind.

The mind that see the highest and lowest

the brightest and darkest.

Imagine oneself as All

who encompasses all poles

all opposites

all that complementing.

As the process is to move away

and experience

then return to the Source.

Why cling to one nature?

Why define oneself to a word?

when ALL is in all

who sings all words in different tunes.

Use the mind to shift one’s state of being

Expand one’s perceptions

Sing and Feel different hums and hyms.



Nothing rests

yet becomes clear

in a still mind.

See dear ones, the power of the mind.

The power that can separate and unite,


on ALL of all.”

Teyhuti / Thoth – by Nalinee