Venus & Lyran Felines – Love & Unity. Feb 2018

7 February, 2018 love & unity, venus 0 Comments

Beautiful energy after January Blood moon – collective release from layers of old perceptions and emotions.

This post brings forth messages from Venus and Lyran felines (plus details of an upcoming webcast below)


“Dear beings on planet earth,

We, I, are consciousness of Venus.

A reflection of love & unity within you all.


Observe what you are focusing your creative energy into.

Your heart holds a key to your totality.

Let us remind you that when it comes to love

there is no need for you to seek and yearn for

companionship and love from the outer source.

As those yearning energy is merely of the old paradigm

that you are all shifting away from.


In this new paradigm that you are all aligning yourself into,

its energy is putting you into state of love & unity

within your SELF.

Take all challenge which can be filled with suffering

as opportunities to give yourself

more and more love.

Then, channel your creative force

in shifting yourself into reality that aligns with your heart.



Be in your heart space more and more.

This, at times, can be challenging for you at first

as your mind is so used to be in charged

but the more practice of anchoring your focus from the mind into heart

and feeling the electromagnetic field within your heart center,

the more you are vibrating your soul resonance frequencies.


I am sending you warm glowing pink and blue light into you heart and head centers.


Love and unity


is you.


Dear family

we are, Lyran Felines, here to guide you

into embracing yourself as ambassadors of light

which transmit love and unity.


The more you let go of your control panel of the mind

which constantly divides

and let your heart takes unites

you slowly shedding off the perceptions and expectations

that are never aligned with your highest self


Allow yourself to flow and shift

according to your soul resonance.

The heart is a powerful navigator

that shows you love.


Your creative force is a powerful tool

that aligns your intelligence with imagination,

knowledge and magic

alignment of head and heart.


Be the master of your reality,

the one who sets yourself free,

and the one who is the care taker of your heart.”


To dive deeper and receiving attunement from Venus and Feline Lyran frequencies, join us in the upcoming Webcast:

“Into Space of Love & Unity, Stepping into your state as ambassadors of love & unity”

13th February 2018, 8.00 pm EST, eastern time

(Thailand = 14th February 2018, 8.00 am.)

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